Tarot For Parties! by m.wilson nonfiction

 Tarot For Parties!


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Tarot For Parties!

Title Page



chapter:0 About the Author: m.wilson

Chapter: 1 Entertaining Your Friends

And Guests With Tarot

Chapter: 2 Miscellaneous Party Tips

Chapter: 3 Reading For Others

Chapter: 4 Different Decks For Different Treks

Chapter 5 Learning the Cards

Chapter: 6 Setting Up Your Reading

Area Chapter: 7 Spreads

Chapter: 8 Identify the Signifying Card

Chapter: 9 Familiarity With Your Deck

Chapter:10 Protection

Chapter:11 Architecture

Chapter:12 Sympathetic Systems

Chapter:13 Notes On The Cards

Chapter: 14 Perception

Chapter: 15 Predicting

Chapter: 16 The Queens

Chapter: 17 Tools and Weapons

Chapter: 18 Readings On Dreams

Chapter: 19 Knowing Which Aspect Of

The Card Will Take Effect

Chapter: 20 Your Special Gifts