Tarot For Parties! Kindle

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M.wilson is an entrepreneur, doctoral student, and writer who’s been practicing tarot for over two decades. She approaches tarot reading from an empathic point of view, utilizing the principles of science, psychology, philosophy, white magic, and more!

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  • Livre Doux Publishing
  • 2020

2 reviews for Tarot For Parties! Kindle

  1. Malvika

    Bought this ebook a couple of weeks ago and reading through this has helped me develop my practice so much! There’s so much knowledge in this little ebook, and I was very grateful that the language was easy and precise.
    As an avid reader, I dislike when an author drones on just for the sake of filling pages, but this ebook is the complete opposite. I learned something new on every page! I will definitely be rereading it multiple times to learn more and more each time. Definitely recommend it!

  2. Gabriella

    M. Wilson’s well-rounded view of tarot touches upon many disciplines, showing how the practice can be used for enjoyment. It represents tarot in a realistic light, giving the necessary advice to conduct an honest reading.

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